Five covers you NEED to hear! By Dean Chalmers

I recently wrote a topic on how hard it is to promote your material via Youtube & Facebook, much to the fact that they are rival companies and they don’t want to be compatible. But long story short… us artists want our blood sweat and tears heard!

So here’s FIVE recent COVER tracks by myself that you NEED to hear!

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The frustrating reason why you’re not hearing my music!? (Subscribe to my Youtube + Other Socials)

Just a quick piece regarding the ever continuous struggle as a creator who posts content via facebook.

For a number of years I would consider myself to have worked hard and consistently in order to build up a facebook following via my business page / music page (Dean Chalmers Music).

For the last year or so this has taken somewhat of a massive dive in terms of physical reach. People simply put, are not hearing the content I am creating / sharing via the facebook platform.

It’s actually a hard and bitter pill to continuously swallow, over and over again. Especially on the basis, the sheer amount of work that goes into creating content. All for it to be seen by 100 people out of a near 5000!

Facebook not so long ago offered me a small “gesture of goodwill” and gave me some free advertisement tokens, allowing me to test out the ability of reaching a potentially greater audience. For the around the sum of £40. I was given this super and exciting chance to reach a bigger following and hopefully have my hard earned content heard. Did this happen? Simply put, No…. I didn’t even reach the audience who actually follow me.

Facebook continues to make it harder and harder, for creators at the bottom, to progress without squandering hundreds of pounds into advertisement. I fully understand facebooks stance in making money. But surely there has to be a line? Surely some of these things need to be revised. But why do they care?

To put it into a better perspective and to allow you to understand my frustrations, along with the frustrations of so many content creators, artists, small business’ and many more…

First of all I create the music page.

I invite all my friends to join it. But wait stop! I can’t ask all of my friends to join at once.. No! NO! ….because this breaches the rules!

I post my content… Maybe even sometimes content that includes third party material (which I have permissions btw). NOPE! I found myself banned for 3 days because of videos that included copyright from 3 years ago. With promises that if I posted any more I would face the possibility of having my page deleted permanently! (Whaaat!?)

The content that made it through that first hurdle and is considered acceptable is then uploaded for all to see…But wait… Who actually sees it? Because it’s certainly not the five thousand people that chose to follow the page. No that would be too easy! They now have to click a sub menu, change it from “Following” to “See First”. This ensures that you actually get a better chance at seeing something, from a page that you already chose to LIKE! (Seriously?).

It also uses the stance that if you don’t visit the page really often, it will gradually make it disappear from your timeline. (You’ll forget I exist… For some that’s cool… But I love you all man!).

There’s more… 

Because of all of the above. The majority of my material is posted to Youtube first. Youtube firstly allows you to use additional material with permissions. Secondly it even pays you to add adverts to the content that you fully own. IF you don’t happen to own it fully, you split the profits with the other parties involved. (Pretty good!)

So we’ve uploaded our content to Youtube now. But initially when we were building our social media following we mainly directed our people to facebook and the youtube following wasn’t as strong (I can take that on the chin as my own mistake!)

So from here, naturally we copy the link to our Youtube content and share it via our facebook page. However there’s a small problem within this fairytale…. Facebook & Youtube are rival companies if you will… So facebook doesn’t just allow you to throw your youtube material and pitch up on its home turf… Nooooo! Facebook says… “Screw you Youtube… Not on my watch b*tch!”. (At least that’s how I visualise it, it’s actually a scary realisation that facebook = blue = criptz & youtube = red = bloods!).

So naturally as I previously mentioned… It’s a hard and bitter pill to swallow. It’s like pouring your blood sweat and tears into the material you’re creating all for it to be chucked in a drawer where no-one will ever see it…. Sounds like the music industry?! (I knew I should have been a joiner!).

So to conclude on this part. That’s why you aren’t seeing my material. (Yep! I feel your pain haha!).



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Five alternative songs you NEED to listen to!

No introduction needed. Here’s 5 incredible songs you should listen to! 


Screenshot (19)

Bears Den are an acoustic masterpiece of a band. Having followed them for a number of years I can say they are one of the best acoustic bands around. Notice I never said best “up and coming”… Despite them actually being a fairly newer and less main stream band… They are are up there with the greatest of bands – Not just the up and coming ones. Their harmonies are to die for and having recently watched a documentary they featured in a while back “Austin to Boston” I can see that they drew influences from the bands they travelled with on their journeys.



Screenshot (20).png

London Grammar have recently released a new album called “Truth Is A Beautiful Thing”. This band again are relatively new and have burst onto the mainstream scene in recent years having boasted an incredible first album. The material is very laid back and includes a pop / electronica / indie type vibe. The lead singer boasts an incredibly wide and dynamic vocal range which leaves the listener in a chilled out trance. London Grammar are only continuing to dominate their alternative style / genre and for me are one of the best bands around.



Screenshot (21)

The Cinematic Orchestra are a nu jazz and electronic group. I was only made aware of this band / song after hearing the song used within so many films & adverts etc. The band have shown a knack at being able to connect people, musicians & styles, carefully intertwining them into the making of beautiful music such as the song above. For me this track in particular takes your mind and soul into another place. Its takes you down a deep emotional path of reflection of life and allows you to connect with an inner self to question your past, even your life, in all its mystical glory. This track genuinely defines the quote – “Music Is The Medicine Of The Mind”.



Screenshot (22)

Kaleo are an icelandic blues / rock band. Kaleo managed to reach a fair amount of fame through the interest of a united states audience. Before the release of “Way Down We Go” they managed to obtain great strengths within their music careers. The release of this track took the band to the next level offering them prime time listeners when their song featured on the likes of “Orange Is The New Black”, “Vampire Diaries” even managing to have their song featured within EA Sports Fifa 16 & in advertisement for Boots No7 range. The song itself features a powerful attitude with the soulful and gritty vocal ability of their lead singer. Find your leather jacket, put on your shades and drive passed your ex girlfriends house with this track on full blast.  Trust me. (Haha!).



Screenshot (18)

Raign is a singer songwriter from the United Kingdom who featured on the TV series “XFactor”. Raign (which is her stage name now) didn’t reach very far in the show, but this song is a shrine to what hard work, dedication and not giving up, can do for you. It’s extremely alternative and draws the listener in, in anticipation. The song goes from strength to strength, building up an atmospheric vibe of african / tribal drums, indian pipes and incredibly strong & powerful vocals. It reaches an almighty, powerfully layered climax.. Before bringing a gripped audience back to a standstill as if they had been taken through a “War” in music and the silence was that of every battle before it. Massive credit to Raign who has taken a career with many rejections and turned it into a an incredible shrine of achievement, having also secured her tracks in massive TV series in America etc.


Happy Reading / Listening 🙂

Dean Chalmers         






“Ah You’re From Scotland!?” (10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me!)

Blog #2

As mentioned in my last blog. I’m an open book so to speak and always believed if I could share parts of my story and help others in writing their own story or getting through the difficult parts in their story then why not?

Here’s 10 thing you may have not known about me… 

1. The Choir Days.

Music was always a passion of mine. I first learned that I had talent when I was chosen from our school choir to sing a duet with another girl from my choir. At that point I wasn’t anything special but obviously my teacher at the time saw something there. Who knew all them years later I would be talking to Superstars about working on projects with them or signing songs to internationally recognised record labels!!

2. Meeting The King of Nepal. 

In 2006 I had an amazing opportunity to visit Nepal (Where the famously known Gurkha’s originate from). This was an experience of a life time and one I will never forget. My ex foster parents / parents go every year as one of them (Prakash) comes from Kathmandu, Nepal. While there we visited children’s orphanages, drank tea with the monks, visited famous temples and had the opportunity to meet the King of Nepal. He said, “Ahh you’re from Scotland?!”, Indeed I am my friend! It’s somewhere I would encourage anyone to visit. It’s a friendly place with amazing people. “Namaste”

3. The flight that changed my life forever.

Touching on number 3, I mentioned foster parents. In 2005 I returned from the United States of America and ended up living in foster care on a voluntary basis. We (my mum and brothers) moved to America after my mother married and American man who later turned out to be, how can I put this… Somewhat of a… D*ckhead! Personalities clashed and I ended up leaving and boarding a plane, alone at the age of 15, not knowing what I would do when I got off at the other side. Through many twists and turns I ended up with foster parents who were great, then due to their family breakdown I found my forever parents not long after. I’ve actually started writing a book about this and the trials and tribulations of my life. Rather than looking at it from a negative point of view, its a success story in its own right, but its not something I would release until it was perfect in every way.

4. Passenger commented on your post!

In 2013 I did a cover of Passenger’s (Mike Rosenberg) song “Let Her Go”. This went down a storm with my following and remains today one of the best covers I’ve done (The word of the people!) One day I decided to post the cover to Passengers facebook page and low and behold a notification popped up, “Passenger has commented on your post”. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw such an incredible artist had taken time out of his day to not only watch my cover of his song, but to compliment me on it! It’s always been something I’ve held onto dearly, and used for inspiration in pushing to have my own name in lights!

5. Recording with a Superstar Producer

In 2014 I began work on my first ever proper Acoustic EP. I recorded this along with my good friend and partner in music – Chris Corrigan, in a studio in Glasgow called “The Boom Box”. This studio is run by a famous Scottish Songwriter / Producer by the name of John Mclaughlin. After speaking to him he had a world famous producer by the name of “Jud Mahoney” record and produce my acoustic EP. Jud had in the past worked with artists such as Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton, Usher, Justin Timberlake and many more. It was crazy at the time to think someone with such amazing achievements and that had worked with actual superstars of the music industry was helping me record / mix my first acoustic EP. For first’s… That’s a pretty good one!

6. “That’s the ‘G’ String…

Now now, who’s got a dirty mind? Haha!

In 2010 I bought my first ever guitar and began practising. This was inspired by a friends stepdad by the name of Harpo, who played Bass guitar in an AC/DC tribute band and who was someone I looked up to / look up to. He taught me the basics of the basics and taught me my first ever chord. (Em to be precise!) I watched hours and hours of Youtube videos and taught myself all I needed to know. To begin with they would go over the strings one by one… E – A – D – G – B – E. I always remembered the famous line “Every – Able – Dog – Gets – Bones – Everyday (Thanks Harpo!). After years of practice I would say I’m comfortable in rhythm guitar strumming! Barre chords were murder! But like anything, you’re always learning!

7. Your voice has an incredible tone, brother! 

Not everyone will know this but in 2015 I applied for “The Voice UK”. It was an incredibly nerve wracking process and in the end I never made it to the TV auditions. (The audition on TV isn’t by any means the FIRST audition! Believe that!) However despite just being edged out to the bootcamp stages.. I had a good time and learned a lot about the process. I would never say I would never try again, but for now that’s not my route. I remember on the day we had 3 auditions (if you got that far) and in the 1st audition we were split into groups of around ten people. We did a vocal warm up with a vocal coach and then we each had 1 minute and 30 seconds to stand in front of the group and perform our piece acappella (Boy was that nerve wracking!). They asked us all to go out the room so they could discuss who would go through and who wouldn’t. They said, “if we call out your name, then please step forward”. I was the only name called in the room. “Dean you have made it to the next stage, thanks everyone else but sadly you haven’t made it”. I was gobsmacked! The told me my voice had an incredible tone and they saw massive potential. I passed my second and third auditions and was then interview by their journalists who I guess wanted to build the whole story. Mine was also the year they accidently sent EVERYONE who auditioned a “Sorry You Haven’t Made It” email… But in the end when rectified I still hadn’t made the final cut for whatever reason. But whatever will be will be!

8. Signing a record Deal with Garuda / Armada. 

In 2016 / 2017 I signed my first ever record deal with Garuda / Armada. Garuda is a dance (trance) label set up by world famous Dj – Gareth Emery. Garuda is also the brother label to Armin Van Buuren’s label “Armada”, which is one of the biggest dance labels in the world and cover ASOT…”A State Of Trance”.
This was by far one of the biggest things to ever happen in my music career so far and although I started music in an acoustic genre, its shown me that I don’t have to stick to one genre as a singer and songwriter when I’m as versatile as I am. It’s also shown the ambition, hard work and dedication that I have in order to push for these things to happen. Taking no credit away from a local Dj who put a massive work load into getting this onto the desk of Garuda!

This has opened up massive doors for me within the dance industry allowing me to work with a roster of incredible Dj’s who are all creating massive waves in the ocean of dance music. I have new projects coming in 2017 & 2018 which I’m extremely excited about.

From the release of this material I have also stuck to my acoustic roots and taken some Dance songs from artists such as Gareth Emery and flipped them acoustically, thus receiving incredible feedback and attention from the likes of Gareth Emery, Roxanne Emery, Haliene, Wayward Daughter etc.

9. “The Wreck Of The Veteran”

I recently was doing some research on my ancestors and looking up a story my grandmother always told me about. “The Wreck Of The Veteran” where a Hero by the name of ‘Joe Taylor’ saved multiple people off a shipwreck in Aberdeenshire. He was recognised by the queen and was awarded a house, a boat and about £50,000 (in today’s conversion) for his heroic actions that saved the lives of other. Later he did the exact same thing again in a similar incident. ‘Joe Taylor’ is my Great Great Grandfather and its amazing to be able to look back and read that one of your ancestors was a hero! I’ve always said from a young age that being by the sea and boats always brought a good feeling to me, like a comfort. Possibly because all of my ancestors lived their life by the sea in fishing villages.

10. My mug on the TV!!

In 2015 I made my Live TV Debut on ‘The Riverside Show’ on STV Glasgow. I was on to perform three original tracks with my partner in music – Chris Corrigan. We were warm welcomed by the hosts and had a mini interview before the breaks. This was such an amazing stepping stone into showcasing my original music to the world. At home we had HUGE local support who were incredibly supportive and delighlighted to see us Live on TV! This was a small taste of things to come in the future when we continue to pursue our dreams of a career in music! Remember, you can do whatever you want to in this life. You can be whoever you want to be if you set your mind to it!


Meeting The King Of Nepal in 2006.

My first ever blog!

Hi WordPress. Today begins a new venture for me.


To introduce myself… I’m Dean Chalmers. I’m about to turn 27 in a couple of weeks and begin the slow journey to 30! (I’ve heard it doesn’t ACTUALLY hurt?).

I’m a Singer & Songwriter who has been active in the Music Industry for several years now and have managed to achieve, so far, more than I ever dreamed of. I’ve still a long way to go, to get to where I want to be but by the way things are going… I’ll be there very soon! I’ve learned that knocking on doors doesn’t get you very far. So I’ve started kicking them in. Not actually! But metaphorically speaking of course! Ha!

I started off just a regular kid growing up in Fife, Scotland. Life was never straight forward nor was it easy. It later turned into more twists and turns than a rollercoaster and boy was it one hell of a ride, ending up in Foster Care, but without everything panning out the way they did… Well, I wouldn’t be who I am today right? I wouldn’t change it!

As I continue on the path of my new adventure of Blogging, I will be taking you all on a personal journey into my life and the stories it’s written so far. I’m an open book so to speak and I love helping people.

Music became my passion at an early age and it wasn’t until my teen years that I realised it was something that I wanted to pursue. (Who doesn’t want to become a Rockstar!? Haha!). I slowly built up a following and managed to win awards, feature on TV, Magazines, Radio & recently signed some material to a Record Label called “Garuda”, created by Gareth Emery a worldwide superstar Dj.

From that I’m working behind the scenes with multiple Dj’s on other releases that are due out 2017/ 2018. I’m also working on my Acoustic material which is where my music really began. There’s nothing like acoustic music or the harmonies of voices and guitars, it’s something from the soul.

As well as music I enjoy writing and always have idea’s for great books, childrens stories, poems, ideas for films and much more. I’d say I was pretty creative and enjoy being able to tune into that part of my life.

Adventures & Exploring… I’ve always enjoyed, but this year I told myself, let’s make a point of Exploring and Adventuring as much as I can. We only get one life right? Infact don’t get me started on that either! I’m constantly curious about afterlife and all it will bring, but I’m 100% willing to wait to find out! But again life experiences and losing a loved one to cancer really does make you re-evaluate and not take life for granted.

BUT… I’m POSITIVE!.. And I know what I want from life and my stubborn side won’t let me stop until I achieve it all!

Where you can find me elsewhere online:

Well from “Da Capo” to “Al Fine” (Italian music term for “From The Beginning to the End”) this has been my first ever blog post!

Until the next…. 

(Why not throw in a picture from my recent adventure to Paris, proposing we eat Crepe’s…Oh and Tartan, that’s always a good thing…As good a starting photo as any! Haha!).