My first ever blog!

Hi WordPress. Today begins a new venture for me.


To introduce myself… I’m Dean Chalmers. I’m about to turn 27 in a couple of weeks and begin the slow journey to 30! (I’ve heard it doesn’t ACTUALLY hurt?).

I’m a Singer & Songwriter who has been active in the Music Industry for several years now and have managed to achieve, so far, more than I ever dreamed of. I’ve still a long way to go, to get to where I want to be but by the way things are going… I’ll be there very soon! I’ve learned that knocking on doors doesn’t get you very far. So I’ve started kicking them in. Not actually! But metaphorically speaking of course! Ha!

I started off just a regular kid growing up in Fife, Scotland. Life was never straight forward nor was it easy. It later turned into more twists and turns than a rollercoaster and boy was it one hell of a ride, ending up in Foster Care, but without everything panning out the way they did… Well, I wouldn’t be who I am today right? I wouldn’t change it!

As I continue on the path of my new adventure of Blogging, I will be taking you all on a personal journey into my life and the stories it’s written so far. I’m an open book so to speak and I love helping people.

Music became my passion at an early age and it wasn’t until my teen years that I realised it was something that I wanted to pursue. (Who doesn’t want to become a Rockstar!? Haha!). I slowly built up a following and managed to win awards, feature on TV, Magazines, Radio & recently signed some material to a Record Label called “Garuda”, created by Gareth Emery a worldwide superstar Dj.

From that I’m working behind the scenes with multiple Dj’s on other releases that are due out 2017/ 2018. I’m also working on my Acoustic material which is where my music really began. There’s nothing like acoustic music or the harmonies of voices and guitars, it’s something from the soul.

As well as music I enjoy writing and always have idea’s for great books, childrens stories, poems, ideas for films and much more. I’d say I was pretty creative and enjoy being able to tune into that part of my life.

Adventures & Exploring… I’ve always enjoyed, but this year I told myself, let’s make a point of Exploring and Adventuring as much as I can. We only get one life right? Infact don’t get me started on that either! I’m constantly curious about afterlife and all it will bring, but I’m 100% willing to wait to find out! But again life experiences and losing a loved one to cancer really does make you re-evaluate and not take life for granted.

BUT… I’m POSITIVE!.. And I know what I want from life and my stubborn side won’t let me stop until I achieve it all!

Where you can find me elsewhere online:

Well from “Da Capo” to “Al Fine” (Italian music term for “From The Beginning to the End”) this has been my first ever blog post!

Until the next…. 

(Why not throw in a picture from my recent adventure to Paris, proposing we eat Crepe’s…Oh and Tartan, that’s always a good thing…As good a starting photo as any! Haha!).



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