Five alternative songs you NEED to listen to!

No introduction needed. Here’s 5 incredible songs you should listen to! 


Screenshot (19)

Bears Den are an acoustic masterpiece of a band. Having followed them for a number of years I can say they are one of the best acoustic bands around. Notice I never said best “up and coming”… Despite them actually being a fairly newer and less main stream band… They are are up there with the greatest of bands – Not just the up and coming ones. Their harmonies are to die for and having recently watched a documentary they featured in a while back “Austin to Boston” I can see that they drew influences from the bands they travelled with on their journeys.



Screenshot (20).png

London Grammar have recently released a new album called “Truth Is A Beautiful Thing”. This band again are relatively new and have burst onto the mainstream scene in recent years having boasted an incredible first album. The material is very laid back and includes a pop / electronica / indie type vibe. The lead singer boasts an incredibly wide and dynamic vocal range which leaves the listener in a chilled out trance. London Grammar are only continuing to dominate their alternative style / genre and for me are one of the best bands around.



Screenshot (21)

The Cinematic Orchestra are a nu jazz and electronic group. I was only made aware of this band / song after hearing the song used within so many films & adverts etc. The band have shown a knack at being able to connect people, musicians & styles, carefully intertwining them into the making of beautiful music such as the song above. For me this track in particular takes your mind and soul into another place. Its takes you down a deep emotional path of reflection of life and allows you to connect with an inner self to question your past, even your life, in all its mystical glory. This track genuinely defines the quote – “Music Is The Medicine Of The Mind”.



Screenshot (22)

Kaleo are an icelandic blues / rock band. Kaleo managed to reach a fair amount of fame through the interest of a united states audience. Before the release of “Way Down We Go” they managed to obtain great strengths within their music careers. The release of this track took the band to the next level offering them prime time listeners when their song featured on the likes of “Orange Is The New Black”, “Vampire Diaries” even managing to have their song featured within EA Sports Fifa 16 & in advertisement for Boots No7 range. The song itself features a powerful attitude with the soulful and gritty vocal ability of their lead singer. Find your leather jacket, put on your shades and drive passed your ex girlfriends house with this track on full blast.  Trust me. (Haha!).



Screenshot (18)

Raign is a singer songwriter from the United Kingdom who featured on the TV series “XFactor”. Raign (which is her stage name now) didn’t reach very far in the show, but this song is a shrine to what hard work, dedication and not giving up, can do for you. It’s extremely alternative and draws the listener in, in anticipation. The song goes from strength to strength, building up an atmospheric vibe of african / tribal drums, indian pipes and incredibly strong & powerful vocals. It reaches an almighty, powerfully layered climax.. Before bringing a gripped audience back to a standstill as if they had been taken through a “War” in music and the silence was that of every battle before it. Massive credit to Raign who has taken a career with many rejections and turned it into a an incredible shrine of achievement, having also secured her tracks in massive TV series in America etc.


Happy Reading / Listening 🙂

Dean Chalmers         







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